R & R (Rest & Relaxation)

Classic Swedish techniques that promote overall relaxation with gentle but firm manipulation of the muscles, providing relief of muscle tension, rid body of toxins, and improve circulation. Perfect for stress management. Leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

25/50/80 minute sessions $30/$60/$80


This massage is focused on deep tissue for specific areas, like muscle spasms, knots, soreness from athletic activities or chronic pain. The therapist integrates a combination of massage techniques, such as ROM, PNF, stretcing, trigger point, and myofascial release to provide relief.

25/50/80 minute sessions $35/$65/$90

Chakra Hot Stone

This unique massage combines energy work with a light to medium pressure and penetrating heat of smooth volcanic basalt river rocks that melt away tension and enhance relaxation, as well as calming the nervous system. This treatment gives lasting warmth to muscles and relieves arthritic soreness.

50/80 minute sessions $65/$85

Mommy Massage (Pre-natal)

A wonderful treat for an expectant mother-to-be to experience. The massage helps the expectant mom to deal with the physical an emotional changes her body experiences during pregnancy and postpartum. It alleviates backaches, leg cramps, increases circulation, and relieves ankle swelling. Must be at least 10 weeks without complications.

50/80 minute sessions $65/$85