Thoughts on Massage, Touch, and Healing

The sense of touch is the massage therapist's main avenue used to affect another being and is the body's main method of gathering information about itself. In contrast, an artist uses the sense of vision, and musician uses the sense of hearing to communicate with others. Touching can affect us physiologically, cognitively, psychologically, and emotionally.

Susan Salvo, Massage Therapy Principles and Practice

Compassion is a bridge between the client and the therapist. It can be argued that without compassion, no healing takes place. Not only is compassion a bridge, but it is also a container for the therapeutic relationship.

Susan Salvo, Massage Therapy Principles and Practice

I get a massage every week. This isn't an indulgence. It's an investment in your full creative expression, productivity, passion, and sustained good health.

Robin S. Sharma

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